Thursday, 19 March 2009

"Beyond Vanity"

In choosing this particular theme, I hope to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who no longer collect rose patterned china as their mothers would have done. By conveying this type of imagery in an urban context; i.e. graffiti and pop art inspired, with bold colour usage, I’m hopefully appealing to that younger demographic.
I used this imagery as I find the combination aesthetically pleasing. It suitably conveys my perspective on life and death: inevitably everything comes to an end, and that life goes “Beyond Vanity”

The symbolic relationship between these images was deliberately designed to provoke a reaction from the audience. By utilising images of beetles and a stereotypical 1950’s American housewife in combination with original, digitally produced designs, these thought provoking ceramic collages were created.

I want to bring a new attitude towards the consumer buying habits in regards to ceramics. Injecting this type of design onto tableware will hopefully appeal to that lost younger generation of collectors, weather it’s used on the wall or for fine dining.

"The Dogs" Being British is in the hearts of almost every person from the uk, this design is here to represent the proudness of these people.